Craving for something different in your snack time?

Our IKA’S Seafood Snack are made to be crispier, delicious and wholesome.

Try our original Fish Snack or our Crispy Fish Rolls and you will love the difference.

We believe in bringing value to you from our source of ingredients.

The way we pack the products down in the way we bring variety of fresh delicious food on your table.

IKA’S believes snacking should be good and fun. That’s why we’re always working to bring you new products, whether it’s new flavour of the snacks you love or a whole new snack choice.

Explore and find your favourite snacks below.

Hutan Melintang which is located along the northern tip of Sungai Bernam is the largest Chinese fishing village in Perak. It is also the largest deep-sea fishing port in the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia. As one of the main fish distributing center, it accounts for an estimated 30% of the country’s seafood products supplies.

The factory of IKA’S SEAFOOD SNACK is strategically located by the side of Sungai Bernam in Hutan Melintang.

The concept of IKA’S SEAFOOD SNACK originated from Japan. It is produced using the processing line from Japan. The product is without addition of preservative, but using the control in product moisture and water activity to maintain shelf life and quality.

IKA’S SEAFOOD SNACK received HACCP certification from the Ministry of Health and we have been certified Halal by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM).

Through continuous research and development, IKA’S SEAFOOD SNACK is always safe, nutritious and simply delicious!

We create nourishing products from agro resources, leading to benefit for all parties.

IKA’S is defined by the values we believe in. We are guided by these values in all our dealings with our customers, business partners as well as the local community around us.

Integrity – “Our word is our bond. We deliver quality in our products, and work with a sense of integrity in whatever we do.”

Teamwork – “We are always moving forward together as a company, unified in our goals, vision and mission.”

Win-win – “We benefit all who serve and do business with us, and even the communities that host our company and its subsidiaries.”

Innovation – “We look to the future, bringing in new technology to create quality products that lead the industry.”

Innovative Approaches – New and innovative approaches for our production-line to enhance efficiency.

Quality Control – To constantly monitor our products, ensuring compliance to standard quality requirements.

Continuous R&D – To persistently implement continuous research & development for products of higher quality.

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